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Track keyword ranks, update daily, visualize, compare.
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RankRaven is an AI rank tracking tool designed to monitor the performance of your brand on AI search engines. It tracks your brand's visibility and rank across different AI search models like OpenAI ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing.

With daily prompt updates, RankRaven automatically runs your prompts on a daily basis and provides email briefings on keyword rank changes.The tool allows you to compare your performance across languages and countries by providing automatic translation into 40+ languages.

You can visualize rank improvements on a chart, track rank changes over time, and even compare against competitors to analyze trends.Using RankRaven is straightforward.

You create a prompt that you want to track, add your brand and competitor keywords, and let the tool do the heavy lifting. It utilizes your chosen AI models to check where your keywords appear in model answers each day.RankRaven offers multiple plans with simple pricing options suitable for individuals, businesses, and agencies.

Each plan includes features like unlimited keywords, all AI models, notification emails, and 24/7 support.The tool addresses common questions such as the relevance of tracking model answer changes, the models it currently tracks, and the ability to provide additional help through their support page.RankRaven aims to simplify AI rank tracking by automating the process and providing comprehensive insights to help you optimize your AI SEO efforts.


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Pros and Cons


Daily rank updates
Automatic translation into 40+ languages
Visualize rank improvements
Track rank changes over time
Competitor comparison
Automates tracking process
Simple pricing options
Suitable for individuals and businesses
Unlimited keywords
Notification emails
24/7 support
Tracks relevance of model answer changes
Facilitates brand keyword monitoring
Automates prompt runs
Addresses FAQ through support
Performance comparison across languages and countries
Available plans for agencies
Multi-language support
Tracks and analyzes trends
Email briefings on rank changes
Multiple plan options
Automated monitoring and updates
Easy set-up process


No mobile app
Limited to 40+ languages
No real-time updates
Daily updates, not hourly
Does not support video
SEO tactics not provided
No free plan
No API access
Cannot track custom queries


What is RankRaven?
How does RankRaven track the performance of my brand?
Can RankRaven track performance across different AI search models?
What are the AI models that RankRaven currently tracks?
How frequently does RankRaven update keyword ranks?
Can I compare my performance across different countries and languages using RankRaven?
How does RankRaven provide daily prompt updates?
What functionality does RankRaven offer to understand and analyze trends?
Is RankRaven capable of comparing performance against competitors?
How is RankRaven's pricing structured?
What features are included in RankRaven's plans?
How does RankRaven automate the process of AI rank tracking?
Does RankRaven support automatic translation into multiple languages?
How can I create a prompt that I want to track using RankRaven?
Does RankRaven provide email notifications on keyword rank changes?
How does the AI model selection work in RankRaven?
What kind of support can I expect from RankRaven?
Can RankRaven track changes in my model answers over time?
Can I use RankRaven to track the progress of my SEO efforts over time?
How can I get started with RankRaven?

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