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Journal prompts for emotional self-reflection.
Generated by ChatGPT

Depth is an AI-powered tool that offers personalized journal prompts to help users understand and navigate their feelings. This tool is built by Reflection.app and offers a unique approach to mental and emotional wellbeing.

It offers users an opportunity to take control of their emotions, understand themselves better, and avoid burnout. Users can access this tool on Reflection.app and answer prompts that are specifically designed to help them explore their emotions and offer insights into their mental wellbeing.

Depth uses AI algorithms to analyze the user's responses and offer further personalized prompts to help them better understand their feelings. The tool is easy to use, and users can access it from their mobile devices or desktops.

Depth is a powerful tool that can help individuals gain a better understanding of themselves and improve their overall wellbeing. The tool also comes with its own set of FAQs and terms of service, which can be accessed on Reflection.app.


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Depth was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized journal prompts
Emotional self-reflection tool
Mobile and desktop accessibility
User-friendly interface
Enhanced mental wellbeing
Helps to avoid burnout
Promotes self-understanding
Benefits individual self-awareness
Ensures privacy through TOS
Has own FAQ section
Supports emotional navigation
Detailed insights into feelings
User response feedback
Flexible accessibility
Easy to use
Promotes self-care
Supports emotional health
Avoidance of emotional overload
Built by Reflection.app
Comprehensible platform
Personalized insights
Mental wellness tool
Easy understanding of feelings
Suggests further personalized prompts
Encourages emotional exploration
Effective for burnout prevention
Develops emotional intelligence
User-friendly mental health tool
Platform for self-reflection
Comprehensive understanding of self
Analysis of emotional states
Insightful tool for wellbeing
Enabled emotional awareness
Practical mental coaching tool
Facilities emotional wellbeing


Not accessible offline
Can't export data
Only available on Reflection.app
No multi-language support
No community forum
Dependent on user honesty
No therapist collaboration
Requires constant user input
No desktop app
Limited personalization options


What is Depth?
How does Depth work?
What is the main purpose of Depth?
How does Depth use AI in its functionality?
Where can I access Depth?
Is Depth mobile-friendly?
How does Depth help me to understand my emotions better?
What are the personalized journal prompts in Depth?
How often can I use Depth?
How does Depth analyze my responses?
Does Depth offer further personalized prompts based on my past responses?
Can Depth help me avoid feelings of burnout?
Is Depth intended for improving mental wellbeing?
How does Depth differ from other journaling apps?
Does Depth have any user privacy policies?
Where can I find FAQs about Depth?
Does Depth work on desktops?
Does Depth need any specific device requirements to run?
How does Depth offer insights into my mental wellbeing?
Who built Depth and why?

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