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Auto video creation from written text & media resources.

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GliaStudio is an automated video platform that empowers teams to spread content with short videos. It uses AI technology to transform articles into videos in minutes.

It features automatic text summarization to condense lengthy text into short summaries, abundant media resources to visualize with various media assets, and branded themes and features to customize for consistent branding.

GliaStudio also allows users to free up 50% of content creators' time so they can engage in more qualitative work. With GliaStudio, teams can generate videos from news content, social posts, live sport events, and statistical data in minutes and increase video production volume by 10X.

GliaStudio is trusted by influential publishers such as Tiktok, KKBOX, YOUKU, PIXNET, Business NEXT, and ZHIBO. It also provides access to high quality media assets for free.

GliaStudio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates videos from text
Automatic text summarization
Abundant media resources
Branded themes and features
Saves content creators' time
Increases video production volume
Trusted by influential publishers
Free high quality media assets
Rapid video creation
Adaptable for various contents
Useful for news and marketing
Can handle live sport events
Transforms rich media content
Streamlines video creation process
Generates short videos for sharing
Multi-language support
Launch with official page
Generates a video every minute
Supports consistent branding
Comes with a demo request
Effective for large scale publishing


Limited customization options
No advanced editing features
Inability to integrate APIs
Potential for inaccurate translations
No multi-lingual support
Limited media asset variety
No real-time collaboration
Shortened summaries may lack context
No support for proprietary codecs
Over-reliance on text input


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Who are some of the influential publishers that trust GliaStudio?
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How can GliaStudio help increase my team's video production volume?
Does GliaStudio allow customization for consistent branding?
How does the automatic text summarization feature of GliaStudio work?
Can GliaStudio be used to generate videos from live sport events?
What types of media resources does GliaStudio provide for video creation?
Does GliaStudio offer a free trial?
Does GliaStudio have specific solutions for news and marketing videos?
How can GliaStudio empower my team to produce more videos?
Can I request a demo for GliaStudio?
What languages are supported by GliaStudio?
How does GliaStudio contribute to the future video experience?
Does GliaStudio offer a solution for transforming news articles into videos?
Is it possible to create a GliaStudio powered video every minute?

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