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Improved SEO through keyword research and clustering.
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HyperSuggest is an AI-powered tool designed for keyword research, clustering and metric analysis. With HyperSuggest, users can access thousands of long-tail keywords, as well as search volume and clustering to group keywords.

The tool also provides various other SEO-related features such as rank tracking and competitor research. HyperSuggest provides a range of tools for digital marketers, including the ability to find questions customers ask on Google about a product or topic (Also Asked), track keyword rankings, and discover what keywords competitors are ranking for.

Additionally, the algorithmic-based clustering tool can automatically group keywords to save users time. HyperSuggest claims to offer a better all-in-one solution than its competitors, with the ability to perform extensive keyword research and track progress.

This tool helps users discover highly-converting, low-competition keywords to improve website ranking, and optimize content for maximum impact. The tool is available in multiple languages, and users can access the API for more advanced functions.

Pricing information can be accessed on the tool's website. HyperSuggest is a powerful tool for anyone seeking to improve their website's search engine optimization.


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HyperSuggest was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple languages
API access for advanced functions
Thousands of long-tail keywords
Search volume and keyword clustering
Rank tracking capabilities
Competitor research available
Automatic keyword grouping
Improved website ranking
Optimizes content for impact
Multiple comprehensive analytical tools
Also identifies customer questions
Can function as all-in-one solution
Traces live search trends
Offers insights on trending topics
Data from 9 different networks
Great for content creators
E-commerce business functionality
Helps SEO professionals with insights
Exports data in various formats
Searches Google, Amazon, YouTube, Instagram
Ideal for E-commerce businesses
User-friendly interface
Sophisticated keyword research tool


Not ideal for beginners
Slow query speed
Limited free trial
Limited keyword ranking tracking
Complex pricing plan
Non-realtime competitor tracking
Lack of multi-account management
Not all tools support all languages
Limited amount of users
Restricted exports formats


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Where can I access pricing information for HyperSuggest?
What SEO tools are included with HyperSuggest?
How are the longtail keywords found via the HyperSuggest tool grouped?
How does HyperSuggest help to improve website ranking?
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Can HyperSuggest function in multiple languages?
What is the 'Also Asked' tool by HyperSuggest?
Does HyperSuggest provide features to track keyword rankings?
What is WH-question tool offered by HyperSuggest?
Is there an option for an API with HyperSuggest?


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