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Generate likey human videos in impossible formats.
Generated by ChatGPT is a tool for deep learning and AI content generation that enables creators to produce photorealistic synthetic humans in impossible video formats.

With a focus on AI-assisted content creation, it allows for editing facial expressions, features and entire faces easily, without further shooting. Metaphysic's software can create hyper-realistic synthetic performances of celebrities and actors, without them ever being on set.

It can also reconstruct low-resolution footage and bring new life to old favorite content. Metaphysic is cost-effective compared to shooting in-person or using unrealistic computer graphics.

The tool creates realistic and natural representations of faces, without looking cartoonish or uncanny. Metaphysic's AI tools have been used in creating content for companies like Gillette (P&G) and the Belgian Football Association.

Their software has generated millions of engagements from different campaigns.The tool is co-founded by world-leading artificial intelligence artist, Chris Ume, who’s also at the forefront of innovation in synthetic media and AI-assisted content creation. provides a platform for seamless AI-generated content creation and is available for anyone looking to create unique and hyper-realistic content using photorealistic synthetic humans.

Metaphysic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No need for in-person shooting
Hyper-realistic synthetic performance creation
Edits facial features and expressions
Reconstructs low-resolution footage
Produces non-cartoonish human representations
Cost effective compared to alternatives
Flexible content variation and editing
Creates localized content without shooting
Produces real lookalike of celebrities
Revives old and favorite contents
Proven track record
Used by recognized brands
Generates millions of engagements


Limited to facial content only
No multi-user collaboration
Unclear content ownership rights
Potential ethical concerns
Possibility of uncanny results
Recreation only, not original creation
Dependency on source footage
Limited to video content
No native mobile application
Lack of user interface customization


What is Metaphysic AI?
What kind of content can I create using Metaphysic?
Can you clarify what 'impossible video formats' Metaphysic can generate?
How does Metaphysic handle facial expression and feature editing?
Is Metaphysic able to generate hyper-realistic synthetic performances of celebrities?
Can Metaphysic reconstruct low-resolution footage?
How cost-effective is Metaphysic compared to traditional shooting methods?
What does the output look like? Does it appear cartoonish or uncannily realistic?
What companies have used Metaphysic's AI tools?
Who is Chris Ume, the co-founder of Metaphysic?
As a content creator, how can Metaphysic assist me?
Does Metaphysic only generate video content?
Can Metaphysic work with any type of video format?
What makes Metaphysic's generated videos stand out from competitors?
How has been used in advertising campaigns?
Can Metaphysic's synthetic videos mirror the exact facial features of a famous person?
What kind of AI technology is behind Metaphysic?
Does Metaphysic offer any collaborations for content creation?
Do I need any special skills to use Metaphysic?
How can I get in touch with Metaphysic?


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