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Prefind is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered search tool, manifesting as an extension for Chrome browser, that uses state-of-the-art AI models GPT-4 and Claude-3 Opus to optimize and simplify information search endeavors.

The tool facilitates lightning-fast searches and provides intelligent, context-aware answers based on the user's queries. Prefind allows users to conduct multi-model comparisons and promises to deliver clear, concise, and efficient search results.

Moreover, it deeply understands user queries predicting and fulfilling their information needs, thereby providing an intuitive comprehension of search requirements.

An added advantage is that it operates completely free of cost, allowing unrestricted access to AI-powered search capacities. Another feature includes a global accessibility; it is designed to assist users regardless of their geographical location.

Users can easily integrate Prefind into their Chrome browser, simply sign in, and with a command, Prefind is ready to serve. This tool is designed to work alongside major search engines to provide a broad and in-depth set of information.

No separate accounts are needed to use Prefind. Offering a revolutionized approach to search, Prefind ultimately serves as not just a search tool, but as an AI-assisting partner for research, learning new topics, or any other information retrieval tasks.


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Mar 21, 2024
I am confused, what is your tool supposed to do? Whatever i search, it just opens up a google search with my query. And it's the exact same as if i was just googling it. Okay, you don't need an account... you don't need one to do a google search either
Mar 22, 2024
For any future issues, we sincerely invite you to continue providing feedback on TAAFA or through my email: [email protected]. We highly value your honest and genuine feedback, which is clearly the best encouragement for our team.
Mar 22, 2024
Hi Ron, I'm sorry for the unpleasant experience. For prefind, an intelligent search experience is always the most crucial aspect of optimization. We will try to understand your intentions and use appropriate solutions for searching. Therefore, you will see that some search requests, especially those "Google-style," are redirected to Google. At the same time, many more complex issues are addressed using GPT-4 and Claude-3. However, we are adjusting our intent recognition strategy, and we hope it will be more precise and effective. We apologize again for any confusion caused. Prefind Team
Mar 22, 2024
Quick replies are always a good sign. I didn't have a bad experience, but i struggle to find what makes the tool unique. I'll keep using it and crosscheck with google by itself. other seem pleased by it, i may be missing something
Mar 22, 2024
Hi Ron, we plan to update this weekend, which is expected to improve both the speed of the search and the accuracy of the search intent recognition. At the same time, we are considering adding a shortcut for Shift Enter to quickly trigger a Google search, which may help you and other users who share the same confusion to use Prefind more conveniently. We welcome you to continue providing us with your genuine feedback. Prefind team
Mar 22, 2024
Thank you for the info, i'll keep my eyes open for it. Since you mention this feature, you should consider adding a side by side image on your Chrome page; a "Google search vs Prefind search" with a clear and specific example, to show confused users like myself what it actually does. Cheers and good luck in your work!
Mar 22, 2024
I actually think its a pretty genius idea. We will try to figure it out with our designer XD.
Mar 20, 2024
Hi Huang, thank you for such an amazing tool, it's simple and easy to use, just like how google first started. I would also like to feedback, if we can have some toggle to use whole page width instead of centered content, sometimes when there are a lot of content, it's very helpful for me to see them one shot.
Mar 20, 2024
Hi Yingkai, I'm delighted to receive your feedback, which is the very first user feedback Prefind has ever gotten. We're eager to offer you relevant improvements. Our issue is that we actually have 3 different contents: Claude, GPT, and search results, which have already filled up the screen. Could you please specify what kind of effect you're hoping for? If possible, consider drawing a sketch to help us understand. My email is: [email protected]. Thank you once again for your use and feedback.
Mar 19, 2024
Hi Guys its Prefind Team. 1. We are free to use 2. We powered by Claude-3 and GPT-4 3. Its a very fast Chrome extensions. Please give it a try and tell us your feedback!

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Pros and Cons


Chrome browser extension
Uses GPT-4 and Claude-3
Lightning-fast searches
Context-aware answers
Multi-model comparisons
Unrestricted access for free
Global accessibility
No separate accounts needed
Accurate prediction of queries
Concise, clear search results
Complementary to major search engines
User friendly
Flexible and free plans
Easy integration to Chrome
Comprehensive support
Saves time with fast results
Understanding user's information needs
Deep comprehension of search requirements
Broad and in-depth information


Only available as Chrome extension
Reliability of search results unclear
Dependent on GPT-4 and Claude-3
Doesn't work offline
Potential privacy concerns
No user account accountability
Language support unclear
Limited user reviews
Non-specific information retrieval processes


What is Prefind?
How do I install Prefind in Chrome browser?
What AI models does Prefind use?
Why is Prefind free?
Is Prefind available globally?
What is the role of GPT-4 and Claude-3 Opus in Prefind?
How does Prefind enhance my browsing experience?
How is Prefind used for multi-model comparisons?
How does Prefind provide context-aware answers?
Is Prefind a standalone search engine or does it work with others?
How does Prefind predict user queries?
Do I need a separate account to use Prefind?
How fast is a search on Prefind?
How can Prefind assist me in learning or researching new topics?
How does Prefind ensure the clarity of the search results?
What is the process to integrate Prefind into my Chrome browser?
Can Prefind be used for any kind of information retrieval tasks?
How does Prefind understand user search requirements?
Does Prefind provide unrestricted access to AI-powered search capacities?
Is there an option to upgrade from the free Prefind plan?

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