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Proposal Genie is an AI-based tool that helps freelancers to quickly and easily generate a comprehensive proposal for a job in Upwork. It takes user inputs such as the job heading and description as well as the user's professional experience, and automatically creates a well-structured proposal for the freelancer to use.

The tool is offered by rajeshthiagu99 and is compatible with the Chrome web store. User reviews are available and the developer has disclosed information regarding data collection and usage.

It is not sold to third parties, used for purposes unrelated to its core functionality, or used to determine creditworthiness.


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Feb 19, 2024
A website that is just like but for nutritional supplements. List different nutritional supplements as a table Add filters on the left (can specify which) Allow admin to easily add products to the website (via Airtable or something similar) Need high performance Simple UI/UX (nothing fancy, very similar to diskprices)

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Proposal Genie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Quickly generates proposals
Minimal user input
Tailor-made for Upwork
Helps structure proposals
Uses user's profession
Chrome compatibility
User reviews accessible
Detailed data usage disclosure
Not sold to third parties
Not used for unrelated purposes
Not used for creditworthiness
Compact size 1.1MiB
Updated recently (Jan 2023)
Freelancer-focused tool
Offers comprehensive proposals


Limited to Upwork proposals
Chrome exclusive
Requires substantial user input
No mobile compatibility
Can't customize proposal format
Limited to English language
Personal data collection concerns
Potential for uniform proposals
One developer, potential delays
Unclear update frequency


What is Proposal Genie?
How does Proposal Genie generate job proposals?
What inputs does Proposal Genie require from a user?
Who is the developer of Proposal Genie?
Which platforms is Proposal Genie compatible with?
Can anyone access Proposal Genie on the Chrome web store?
What type of proposals can Proposal Genie create for a freelancer?
Can Proposal Genie be used for any other purpose other than job proposals?
How is Proposal Genie different from other job proposal tools?
Is my data secure with Proposal Genie?
What types of data does Proposal Genie collect and why?
Who has access to the data collected by Proposal Genie?
Where can I find user reviews for Proposal Genie?
Can I rely on the user reviews for Proposal Genie?
What does the version number indicate in Proposal Genie?
How frequently is Proposal Genie updated?
Are there any restrictions or limitations in using Proposal Genie?
How can a freelancer maximize their use of Proposal Genie?
What user information does Proposal Genie need in order to provide its service?
How does the Proposal Genie AI create a well-structured proposal?

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