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Connects companies with creative teams to boost growth.
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GoodWork is an AI-powered tool that provides a platform for connecting companies with freelance creative teams. Its main goal is to help businesses overcome design bottlenecks, reduce costs, and accelerate growth.

The tool offers different options for collaborating with freelance teams, depending on the company's needs. It provides access to a range of highly-vetted creative talent, including creative directors, strategists, designers, copywriters, UI/UX experts, and more.

Companies can choose to work with a single professional for specific projects or opt for a full-stack team to handle ongoing sales and marketing needs.

They can also access specialized teams for creative audits, brand positioning, and large campaigns. GoodWork emphasizes flexibility, allowing companies to scale their teams as their needs evolve.

The pricing structure varies depending on the chosen plan and engagement type. The tool also offers automation through an AI producer called "Otto." Otto automates the work experience by building a backlog of work, prioritizing tasks, and providing cost insights by deliverable and channel.

GoodWork has a strong focus on providing quality talent, as it collaborates with individuals who have previously worked at top creative agencies. The platform aims to streamline collaboration and eliminate common challenges, such as scheduling conflicts and misalignment of skills.

Overall, GoodWork presents itself as an alternative to traditional freelancers and agencies, offering companies the opportunity to access premium creative talent, leverage AI automation, and minimize costs while focusing on driving growth.


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GoodWork was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 14th 2023.
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