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Osum reveals the secrets to what drives success for e-commerce, apps, retail and more.
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Osum is an AI market research tool aimed at fueling growth for e-commerce, applications, retail businesses, and more. It provides detailed insights for market research, product research, SWOT analysis, and buyer personas at the click of a button.

It offers features such as the 'Sales Prospect Profiler', which creates actionable profiles for sales prospects by combining demographic data with behavioral and psychographic insights.

Another useful feature is the SWOT Analysis which aids strategic planning by evaluating a business's internal Strengths, Weaknesses and external Opportunities and Threats.

Osum's Business Reports function facilitates in-depth research into all aspects of a business's product from design to utility, analyzing consumer reactions.

With its 'Market Opportunities' feature, Osum helps businesses explore untapped market segments and potential areas for expansion. The 'Buyer Personas' methodology uncovers the demographics, personality types, and professional interests of a business's target audience.

In summary, Osum is designed to aid companies to better align their strategies with customer needs and market insights for increased efficiency and profitability.


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Jan 26, 2024
that thing isnt doing anything
Mar 1, 2024
Hi thanks for pointing this out, we've checked and can confirm that the thing is in fact doing the thing 🫡
Dec 19, 2023
It's not free to try. Giving my email credit card name and all before I can even take a look at it is not free in my definition. Also seems to be vastly overselling their capabilities in the vid. No explanation how it works ust empty promisese
Mar 1, 2024
Hi thanks for your feedback! We've just completed major upgrades to the breadth and depth of reports plus made sample previews available directly in the rows on the table here: you can hover your mouse over each to see an example of what you get in that feature.

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Pros and Cons


Sales Prospect Profiler feature
Provides SWOT analysis
Detailed business reports
Explores market opportunities
Unveils buyer personas
Designed for diverse industries
Detailed product insights
Efficient market research
Supports strategic planning
Identifies potential expansion areas
Aligns strategies with customer needs
Profiling combines demographic and psychographic data
Quick research time
Facilitates customer-centric strategies
Identifies unique selling propositions
Supports persona-driven demand generation
Aids in informed strategic planning
Analyzes consumer reactions
Identification of customer needs
Increases operational efficiency
Aims for higher profitability
Targets audience demographics and interests
Unlocks business strategy insights
Improves lead and revenue goals
Helps understand customer fears and challenges
Helps create improved value propositions
Improves open rates for campaigns
Increases clickthrough rates
Helps identify emerging market trends
Saves time on research and analysis
Increase in marketing-generated revenue
Improves long-term profitability
Reduces customer churn
Achieves higher annual profit-growth
Useful for investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers
Improves market knowledge
Helps capitalize on new opportunities
Addresses customer needs
Affects sales and profits positively
Helps stay ahead in evolving market
Adapts to emerging companies and products
Helps identify upcoming trends
Increased leads and faster lead conversion


Lack of API
Requires business URL input
No offline mode
Industry specificity not clear
Missing customizable features
No multilingual support
Limited to sales prospect profiles
No real-time customer support
No mobile app available
Single user interface only


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What does Osum's Sales Prospect Profiler feature do?
How does Osum assist in strategic planning using SWOT Analysis?
How does Osum's Business Reports function work?
What insights can Osum's 'Market Opportunities' feature provide?
How does Osum's 'Buyer Personas' feature help in understanding target audiences?
How can Osum aid in increasing business efficiency and profitability?
Can Osum help me identify the demographics and professional interests of my target audience?
How does Osum aid companies in better aligning their strategies with customer needs?
Can I use Osum to conduct SWOT analysis for any business?
What specific insights can Osum offer for e-commerce businesses?
What sort of actionable profiles does the Sales Prospect Profiler create?
How does Osum analyze consumer reactions to a business's product design and utility?
How fast can Osum present a detailed market research?
Can the insights provided by Osum help in potential market expansion?
Is Osum applicable for retail businesses?
How does Osum help with product research?
What competitive edge can Osum provide for application businesses?
Can Osum uncover untapped market segments?

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