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Optimizes market research with data-driven insights.
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Generative AI Consultant by SightX is an AI-powered tool that aims to streamline market research processes by providing goal-oriented research recommendations, creating custom-tailored surveys, suggesting ideal sample sizes, delivering key insights and executive summaries, and developing feedback-based marketing collateral.

The tool, represented by the virtual consultant named Ada, allows users to share their business objectives or research goals, based on which Ada recommends appropriate tests and experiments from the SightX platform.

Additionally, Ada can craft customized surveys and tests tailored to meet specific needs if they do not already exist in the template library.SightX's Generative AI Consultant helps users launch their research by providing recommendations on sample sizes to ensure robust and accurate results.

Once data is collected, users can explore it in-depth and seek insights from Ada, such as data filtered by demographics or pivot table analyses.Moreover, Ada leverages customer feedback to generate compelling marketing assets like blog posts, social media ads, and buyer personas, enabling users to connect effectively with their target audience.

The tool also offers high-level summary reports that capture key insights, facilitating informed decision-making for executives and strategists. Additionally, it provides sentiment analysis and categorization to derive valuable feedback from qualitative data, helping users gain a comprehensive understanding of their audience's perspective.Overall, SightX's Generative AI Consultant offers AI-driven insights and recommendations to fuel growth and automate market research processes for businesses.


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Apr 3, 2024
For the market research industry it's the best AI tool out there.

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