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ByPan Ken Seng
Perform comprehensive market research and analysis of companies.
GPT welcome message: Hello
Sample prompts:
What are your commands?
Based on the table, evaluate how one company is better than the other
/compare <focus> of <Company 1> vs <Company 2>
/research <focus> of <Company>
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Detective Pan is a GPT that facilitates comprehensive market research and analysis of companies. Developed by Pan Ken Seng, it's designed to provide users with a streamlined analysis process.

The GPT revolves around assisting users interpret data and establish relative company performances based on various parameters. It provides actionable insights, making it a versatile tool for many users, from individual investors to marketing analysts, finance professionals and students.

The commands issued by the user guide the working of the tool. 'What are your commands?', and '/compare <focus> of <Company 1> vs <Company 2>' are examples of initiating commands a user might use.

The <focus> could be any parameter or metric the user is interested in, like revenue, growth, market share etc. '/research <focus> of <Company>' is another potential command to study in-depth about a particular company.

With these commands, Detective Pan helps users conduct in-depth comparative analysis and research on multiple companies in the market, providing users a one-stop insight carousel.

It does require ChatGPT Plus for complete functionality, which implies there is a dependency on another software for this GPT to operate at its full capacity.


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