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AI Consulting Tools is a suite of AI-powered productivity tools that are designed to help consultants save time and work more efficiently. The suite includes four main tools: SWOT Analyses, User Personas, Lean Canvases, and PESTEL Analyses, each tailored to help consultants gather insights about their clients and their business environment.SWOT Analyses is a strategic planning tool that helps identify a business's internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats.

User Personas is a powerful and customizable tool that uses AI to generate detailed user personas for businesses and organizations. It creates a fictional character that represents a company's ideal customer, based on market research and customer data.Lean Canvases is a tool designed to create a comprehensive one-page business plan.

It helps users to organize ideas and simplify their business model. PESTEL Analyses is an AI-powered tool that lets users create a PESTEL Analysis based on their company's description.

A PESTEL analysis is a strategic tool used to identify and analyze the external factors that can impact an organization's business operations and decision-making.AI Consulting Tools aims to help consultants work smarter with AI-powered insights; it is user-friendly and easy to use, with customizable analyses that can help stimulate strong business decisions and generate cutting-edge ideas.

Clients can customize the generated analysis, and subscriptions are available with either monthly or yearly billing options for teams of all sizes. Additionally, has a support team that is available to help with support issues or provide feedback.


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Pros and Cons


SWOT Analyses feature
User Personas creator
Lean Canvases construction
PESTEL Analyses tool
User-friendly interface
Customizable analyses
Flexible billing options
Available support team
Saves time on analyses
Generates personas from data
Simplifies business model development
External factors identification
Detailed personas generation
Customizable analysis results
Supports teams of all sizes
Stimulates strong business decisions
Generates valuable business insights
Generates comprehensive analyses
Has a free trial
Supports market analysis
Has good user reviews
Unlimited analyses for subscribers
Advanced Lean Canvases
Priority support for subscribers
Can customize generated analysis


Limited analysis tools
No multilingual support
No offline availability
Lack of integration
Expensive monthly subscription
No mobile app
No data privacy details
No collaborative feature
No freemium version
No API access


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What are the feedback options for AI Consulting Tools?

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