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Use artificial intelligence to write SQL within Google BigQuery.
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This AI tool is designed to effortlessly facilitate the writing of SQL directly within Google BigQuery. It's innovative and seems primely suited for individuals without engineering backgrounds.

The tool presents a unique approach to SQL analysis by combining a no-code user interface with advanced language models, making big data analysis and cleansing accessible, efficient, and scalable.

The tool automates data cleanup processes, allowing for a swift transition to complex analysis. This platform not only offers advanced analytics and predictive insights powered by the latest language models but also perfectly adapts to continuous business changes, striking a balance between accuracy and efficiency.

The AI capabilities have been designed to handle tasks such as data consolidation, currency conversion, KPI calculations, cohort analysis, pipeline analysis, win-rate analysis, revenue waterfall, variance analysis and time-series prediction among others.

As part of the Analyst Intelligence Platform, this tool is specifically designed to make financial analysis easy, making it a suitable solution for data analysts.


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Pros and Cons


SQL Writing in BigQuery
No-Code Interface
Advanced analytics
Predictive insights
Perfectly adapts to business changes
Accuracy and Efficiency
Automated Data Cleaning
Data consolidation
Currency conversion
KPI calculations
Cohort analysis
Pipeline analysis
Win-rate analysis
Revenue waterfall
Variance analysis
Time-series prediction
Suitable for data analysts
Automates cleanup processes
Swift transition to analysis
Facilitates financial analysis
Works with Google Sheets
Excel plugin
Reporting capabilities
Business Intelligence App
Scenario Analysis Feature
Headcount forecasting capability
Power Query Alternative
Advanced Language Models
Automation of complex tasks
Makes big data accessible
BigQuery integration
Supports non-engineers
Analyst Intelligence Platform
Efficient data wrangling
Top-tier analytical expertise
Automated Analytical Code Writing
Affordable Big Data Analysis
Streamlined Excel workflows
Workflow Automations App
Scalable Data Analysis
Custom Demos
Free Trial Available
Excel Consolidation Feature
Opex Variance Analysis
Pipeline Stage Conversion Rate
Win-Loss Analysis Feature


Only for Google BigQuery
No-code may limit customization
Language models' limitations
Only financial analysis focus
Potentially complex for non-analysts
Depends on business changes
No multi-database support
No clear security measures
Advanced analytics may confuse


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How proficient is Analyst Intelligence in revenue waterfall?
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