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Enhancing model with active learning & curation.
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Encord Active is an advanced active learning toolkit designed to enhance the process of building AI models. It offers various features to test, validate, and evaluate models, as well as surface, curate, and prioritize valuable data for labeling, ultimately improving model performance.One of its key features is the ability to automatically find label errors in training data without manual inspection.

By utilizing vector embeddings, AI-assisted quality metrics, and model predictions, Encord Active identifies problematic data samples and enables course correction.Additionally, the tool introduces a unique approach to data search using natural language search.

With Active, users can search and curate visual data, including images, videos, DICOM files, labels, and metadata, using only natural language.Encord Active also allows users to debug models and enhance performance by identifying and fixing dataset errors, biases, and edge cases.

It conducts model error analysis, runs automated robustness tests, and provides explainability reports to help uncover failure modes and issues.Furthermore, the platform provides out-of-the-box metrics or the option to integrate custom metrics for detailed breakdowns of how data and labels impact models.

Versioning and comparison features enable users to track progress by comparing datasets and models.The tool further supports the creation of Active Learning pipelines that combine acquisition functions, data distribution, model confidence, and similarity search to curate high-value data that improves model performance.Encord Active also offers integrations with secure cloud storage, MLOps tools, and other components of users' ML pipelines, ensuring seamless workflow integration.Overall, Encord Active is a comprehensive active learning platform that streamlines data flows, facilitates collaboration, and empowers AI teams to build reliable models with improved efficiency.


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Pros and Cons


Advanced active learning toolkit
Automatic label error detection
Natural language search for data
Debugging and performance enhancement capabilities
Detailed dataset impact breakdown
Customizable metrics integration
Versioning and comparison features
Creates Active Learning pipelines
Seamless workflow integration
Comprehensive active learning platform
Cloud storage integration
Integration with MLOps tools
Model explainability reports
Automated robustness tests
Supports visual data search
Prioritize data for labeling
Model error analysis
Secure platform
SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant
Pre-built integrations with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
API & SDK for programmatic access


Limited data types supported
No mobile application
Potential complexity in setup
Might require technical skillset
Limited pre-built integrations
No offline functionality
Lack of transparent pricing
Unclear version control system
Unknown database compatibility
Language limitations for non-English


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How does Encord Active identify and resolve dataset errors and biases?
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How is Encord Active different from other AI tools?
Can Encord Active be integrated with my existing ML pipeline?
What areas of AI model building does Encord Active streamline?
How does Encord Active help in debugging models and boosting their performance?
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Are there any major companies or AI teams who use Encord Active and what have been their experiences?

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