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SemSearch for text and visuals in various industries.
Generated by ChatGPT is an advanced AI tool that revolutionizes search by providing semantic clarity to both text-based data and visuals. With, users can move beyond basic keyword searches and delve into the true essence of their textual content, including PDFs and video transcripts, through text-based multilingual semantic search.

Additionally, offers semantic visual video search, allowing users to unlock the stories within their videos by swiftly finding key moments in team meetings or critical events in surveillance footage.The tool also includes a surveillance feature, which boosts security by providing intelligent search capabilities and instant event pinpointing. plans to introduce semantic image search in the near future, enabling users to search for images based on semantic caters to various use cases such as business meetings, legal and compliance, healthcare, and sports analytics.

Professionals from renowned companies like Microsoft and Google are already using the tool to enhance their search capabilities.Users can integrate seamlessly into their own platforms using the Commercial APIs, thereby elevating their search capabilities. also offers updates on roadmap progress, announcements, and exclusive discounts to subscribers.Overall, bridges the gap between simple keyword searches and deep contextual understanding, providing users with limitless potential to uncover insights and details from unstructured data.


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