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Athena is the first AI-native analytics platform and artificial employee designed to optimize analytic workflows for enterprise teams. It plays two roles: as a co-pilot, it learns your workflow and as an auto-pilot, it allows for autonomous execution.

Athena is a comprehensive tool for data analysis as it allows for data exploration, report compilation, and follow-up questions. Moreover, it can cope with complex industry-specific workflows, offering SQL and Python-based execution environments.

Taking advantage of its powerful, self-serve platform, its aim is to help users explore, analyze, and act on their data. Athena features a natural language interface for data interaction, and its capability of learning from existing documentation, data, and analyses allows teams to focus more on creating new insights.

This tool offers scalability in enterprise workflows and is built for collaborative use, so it can be used by more than a hundred users concurrently. Furthermore, Athena has a complimentary service, Athena Wrapped, designed for the end of the year, which allows users to delegate significant tasks, such as year-end reports or in-depth analyses, to the AI.

Athena adapts to the unique characteristics of your data, supporting you in handling complex questions and not getting overwhelmed by mundane tasks.


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Pros and Cons


Optimizes analytic workflows
Learns personal workflow
Autonomous execution
Handles complex industry workflows
SQL and Python environments
Self-serve platform
Natural language interface
Optimized for collaborative use
Scalability in enterprise workflows
Handles large user concurrency
Year-end report service
Tailors to unique data
Handles complex questions
24/7 enterprise data analyst
Data exploration capabilities
Automates report compilation
Handles follow-up questions
Simple integration with data warehouse
Allows for chat interaction
Learning capability from documents
Complimentary analytics service
Handles in-depth analysis
Extensible workflows
Built-in shared team inboxes
Creates prototype to production quickly
Supports data process building
Handles online research
Involved privacy policy
Allows task delegation
Generates final review report
Offers template tasks
Handles data visualization
Handles market research
Impact analysis capabilities
Manages enterprise workflows


No mobile application
Limited programming languages
Relies heavily on data
Requires large datasets
No offline functionality
May require technical knowledge
Year-end service is seasonal
No explicit privacy control
Only auto-generates reports
No pre-built templates


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