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Expert in data analysis and math modeling.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to analyze data and perform calculations for you.
Sample prompts:
Analyze this data table for trends.
Can you create a table based on these documents?
What calculations can be done with this dataset?
Perform a deep web search and summarize the data in a table.
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The Analyser Web is a GPT that specializes in data analysis, mathematical modeling, and the creation of tables from a mix of sources. It functions through its parent AI, ChatGPT, on which it operates as an application.

The primary purpose of The Analyser Web is to assist users in understanding and interpreting data, drawing insights through its comprehensive analysis capabilities.

Users can input data, request analysis or ask for trends, and the GPT returns these results in an easy-to-understand format, such as a table. Beyond regular data, it also possesses the ability to create tables based on non-traditional inputs such as documents, adding an element of flexibility and broad applicability to its functions.

The Analyser Web can also perform a broad range of calculations on a given dataset, providing additional value for users seeking more than just initial analysis.

This demonstrates the GPT's capability to not just surface data, but also help users draw meaningful conclusions. Furthermore, the Analyser Web can perform deep web searches, summarizing its findings into accessible tables.

This increases its utility, making it an effective tool for those seeking data-driven insights from the internet. With capabilities across data analysis, comparison, compilation and summary, The Analyser Web is a versatile GPT that serves to simplify the often-complex world of data and make it more accessible to users.


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