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Automated data analysis for various business needs.
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Infer is an end-to-end machine learning (ML) analytics platform that revolutionizes the relationship between ML and SQL. It offers an innovative approach, called SQL-inf, which simplifies complex analytics tasks while maintaining accuracy.

With Infer, analysts can easily solve business problems by using its powerful SQL commands.One of the key features of Infer is the Coworker AI, which acts as a personal analytics assistant.

Coworker AI provides automated visualizations and insights, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to guide analysts towards relevant data narratives.

This feature saves time and enhances analytical efficiency.Infer also offers a storytelling functionality, allowing analysts to transform data into engaging narratives.

By going beyond basic numbers, this feature makes insights more understandable and actionable, captivating the audience.Furthermore, Infer enables the operationalization of analytics through task automation and scheduling.

Analysts can incorporate their data-driven insights into daily operations effortlessly, ensuring that the insights are always timely and relevant.In terms of use cases, Infer supports a wide range of applications, including churn analysis, text analysis, customer segmentation, lead scoring, demand forecasting, user similarity search, lifetime value analysis, product analytics, marketing analytics, conversion analysis, fraud analysis, and credit scoring.Additionally, Infer seamlessly integrates with various data sources, allowing analysts to link and consolidate data in one place.

This ensures that all information is up-to-date and ready for analysis.Overall, Infer provides analysts with superpowers, enabling them to find insights, make predictions, identify patterns, and solve business problems effectively, without the need for advanced degrees in ML.


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