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Data analysis for team insights.
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Yabble is an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes insights by providing instant and automated solutions for analysis and decision-making. It offers a suite of tools that can count, summarize, and chat with data, including the world's first ChatGPT plugin.

Yabble is designed as an end-to-end AI solution for insights, catering to various stages of research.The tool utilizes a combination of custom-built algorithms and OpenAI's GPT neural network to generate accurate and automated insights from unstructured text data effortlessly.

Its unique features enable teams to access insights within minutes, accelerate innovation pipelines, create meaningful themes and subthemes from data in seconds, and validate multiple hypotheses in real-time.Yabble's key products include Count, Gen, Summarize, and Augmented Data.

Count allows users to turn their data into actionable insights with a single click, helping identify key drivers for business growth. Gen acts as an AI research assistant, allowing users to ask their data unlimited questions and gain rich insights quickly.

Summarize provides detailed summaries of long-form data effortlessly in minutes, reducing the time and effort spent on manual analysis. Augmented Data enables users to access quality data quickly and easily to answer any research question.Overall, Yabble empowers teams to unlock the value in their unstructured data, gain a competitive advantage, and accelerate their speed to insights for business growth.


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