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Analyzed finance and accounting reports.
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Genius Sheets AI Text To Reports solutions provide a data analysis tool to help finance teams, accountants, and enterprises make better decisions faster.

The platform is designed to stay in Excel and Google Sheets, allowing users to generate reports from text prompts and create live data connections. It is self-service, meaning no SQL or technical experience is required.

Genius Sheets can be connected to Slack or Teams for instant access to data, and it currently connects to QuickBooks Online. It has features allowing for variance analysis, projections, consolidated reports, and custom reports.

Customers have reported that Genius Sheets is genius, brilliant, and has helped them gain time back while delivering the necessary information.

Genius Sheets was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 2nd 2023.
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User Profile PictureCarlo Gradl
ยท Jun 6, 2023
Read the terms and conditions about data usage, not nice...

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Pros and Cons


Excel and Google Sheets integration
Generates reports from text
Live data connections
Self-service tool
Requires no SQL
Connectable to Slack or Teams
Connects to QuickBooks Online
Variance analysis feature
Projections feature
Consolidated reports
Custom reports
Saves time
Chat-based interface
Compatible with internal software
No technical experience required
Instant data access
Text-based data requests
Simplifies data analysis


Limited platform compatibility
Only connects to Quickbooks
No SQL or technical experience
Depends on Excel/Google Sheets
Data analysis limited to finance
No offline capability
Potential data security issues
Tool seems to require constant connectivity
Not blockchain-enabled
Messaging Apps Restricted to Slack/Teams


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