Instantly remove backgrounds from images.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to instantly and automatically remove backgrounds from images. It uses advanced algorithms to detect the edges of an object in an image and automatically remove the background for a transparent background, or replace it with a new background.

It can process photos in as little as 5 seconds with just one click, eliminating the need to manually pick pixels. The tool also offers integrations and plugins for popular design programs, e-commerce sites, and computer environments, as well as an API for custom workflows.

It is also capable of handling feathery hair and other difficult details with ease. also offers designs templates and tutorials for individuals, photographers, marketers, developers, e-commerce sites, media outlets, and more.

Furthermore, the tool has been praised by companies such as Sony Music Entertainment Denmark and Phoenix Trading Company, as well as publications such as TechCrunch. is a versatile tool that can help with a variety of tasks and save a lot of time and effort.

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Pros and Cons


Instant background removal
Advanced edge-detection algorithms
Processes photos in 5 seconds
Automatic pixel selection
Integration with design programs
API for custom workflows
Handles difficult details
Offers design templates
Praised by notable companies
Significant time and effort saver
Capabilities handling hair
Useful for wide audience
Plugin for ecommerce sites
Creates transparent backgrounds
Option to replace backgrounds
Interface is user-friendly
Quality end results
Fits into software workflows
Handles objects of different complexities
Improves online product images
Optimizes for marketing strategies
Helps developers automate tasks
Streamlines media production
Offers tutorials for learning
Allows uploading images directly
Supports pasting image URLs
Helps hide unwanted backgrounds
Produces images in PNG format
Contributes to digital efficiency
Professional use for photographers
Brand specific applications (cars, products)


May miss complex backgrounds
Possible quality degradation
Limitations on free usage
Potential privacy concerns
Limited design templates
Requires strong internet connection
May misinterpret image layers


What is
How does work to remove backgrounds from images?
How fast can process photos?
What's the quality of the end result when using
Can handle complex details like feathery hair?
Does offer any integration with other design programs or e-commerce sites?
Is there an API available for
What kind of tasks can help with?
What are some companies or publications that have praised
How can I use to replace the previous background with a new one?
Are there any tutorials or design templates available with
How can I upload my photo to
What image formats are supported by
Is free to use?
How do I sign up for
Is it possible to bulk upload images on
Does have any plugins for Photoshop or other design software?
How do I use the API for custom workflows?
Can I use on both Windows and Mac?
Is there a mobile app available for


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