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Transform your photos with automatic background changes.
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Lensto: AutoBackground Changer is a photo editor app designed with the primary function of editing images to remove and change their backgrounds. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the tool expertly cuts out and removes selected backgrounds, allowing users to overlay subjects on different ones.

The AI capabilities also extend to offer color suggestions for creating standout profile photos and applying artsy or studio effects on selected photos.

Lensto provides borders for photos and requires no brush or tool selections to remove backgrounds, therefore saving time. It guarantees user privacy, with all edits done within the user device and data not being collected.

The app is designed to enhance image editing efficiency and creativity, placing all editing and sharing functions in one place.


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Pros and Cons


Automatic background removal
Offers different effects and filters
Automatic color suggestions
One-tap auto enhance
Auto focus feature
Arty effects
Touch up tools
Maintains user privacy
Data not collected
Free download
In-app purchases available
Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod
Single tap profile photo creator
No need for selection tools
One place editing and sharing
Background application in one tap
Interactive photo editing


Not available for Android
Doesn't support batch editing
In-app purchases requied
Limited editing tools
No desktop version
No API for integration
No collaboration features
Requires iOS 14.0 or later
No manual selection tool
Requires subscription for full access


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What are some of the arty effects Lensto provides?
Does Lensto offer touch up tools?
Are there any automatic color suggestions in Lensto?
Does Lensto allow me to create borders on photos?
Do I need to manually select parts to remove the background using Lensto?
What is the autofocus feature in Lensto?
What is the feedback on Lensto's background removal feature?
What is the size of the Lensto app?
What versions of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS are compatible with Lensto?
Where can I download Lensto: AutoBackground Changer?
What languages is Lensto available in?
What are the terms for the subscription options on Lensto?

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