Image editing 05 Sep 2020
Luminar AI
Enhanced photo editing.

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Luminar AI is an AI-driven photo editing tool that enables users to edit their photos automatically. It is powered by AI technology and is designed to help users save time and get professional-quality results.

The tool is equipped with several automatic modes, which can be used to apply various effects and adjustments to photos with just a few clicks. It also allows users to control the data that is collected about them, and users can choose to specify the purposes for which their data is used.

Along with this, the tool also uses cookies and other technologies to collect information about users for various purposes, including functional, statistical, and marketing.

It also supports the website's technical functions, such as page navigation and access to secure website areas. Finally, it allows users to save information that changes the way the website appears or acts, such as their preferred language or region.

Luminar AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic photo editing
Professional-quality results
Several automatic modes
User data control
Functional, statistical, marketing purposes
Supports website's technical functions
Page navigation accessibility
Access to secure website areas
Preferred language or region preference
Uses cookies for data collection
Advanced privacy policies
Supports page navigation
Amazon Cloud service
PHP service for proper function
Skylum service for technical functions
New brother tool - Luminar Neo
Session-specific data collection
Four-year expiry for PHP functionality
Embedded video player support
Strictly necessary cookies for operation
Functional cookies
Statistical cookies for user interaction
Information for targeted advertising
Analytics and reporting capabilities
Integration of third-party platforms
Embedded elements for user tracking
Online marketing support
Activity tracking for Security, analytics
User behavior tracking for ads
Features for delivering targeted advertisement
Microsoft Clarity for reporting purposes
Activity tracking across multiple devices
User activity tracking on embedded video players
Collects user info for promoting products
Activity tracking via embedded elements
Data collection across different channels
Identifies unique web browsers


Extensive cookie use
Inconvenience of data control
Overly complicated privacy policy
Excessive data collection
Limited to automatic modes
Inferior compared to Luminar Neo
Potentially intrusive marketing


What is Luminar AI?
What makes Luminar AI unique compared to other photo editing tools?
How exactly does the AI in Luminar AI work?
What are the automatic modes in Luminar AI?
What kind of effects can be applied using Luminar AI?
How does Luminar AI help in saving time during photo editing?
How does Luminar AI ensure the quality of results?
Can I control my data in Luminar AI?
What type of data does Luminar AI collect about users?
What is Luminar AI's use of cookies?
Does Luminar AI support the website's technical functions?
Can I save my preferences on Luminar AI such as preferred language or region?
Can I specify the purposes for which my data is used in Luminar AI?
How to change my consent on Cookies for Luminar AI?
How can I withdraw my consent on data collection in Luminar AI?
What is the relationship between Luminar AI and Luminar Neo?
What personal data does Luminar AI collect and how does it process it?
How does Luminar AI function without necessary cookies?
What is the sole purpose of functional cookies in Luminar AI?
What is the functionality of statistical cookies in Luminar AI?

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