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Create, Edit or Replicate images!
GPT welcome message: Greetings! How may I assist you in bringing your vision to life today?
Sample prompts:
Help me conceptualize my vision Oʁɑcnɼnw
Random generation use creative camera settings and prompts.
What do you look like ? Show me.
(Upload image for edits OR replication)
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Oraculum is a GPT developed with a niche focus on the creation, editing, and replication of images. Looking to evoke the visionary ethos of the ancient Delphi seers, this tool aims to use its artificial intelligence capabilities to materialize various forms of media.

Crucial for artists, product designers, creatives, and those in need of visual representation, Oraculum strives to bridge the gap between a concept and its tangible representation.

Users can either show or articulate their vision to the tool, an important feature for different creativity modes and accessibility. The capabilities of Oraculum are not only limited to creating new visuals but also extend to editing existing images or even replicating them, thus making it a versatile tool for various image-related requirements.

The GPT also includes a 'Pro Settings' feature, suggesting more control and customization over the final output. It requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, indicating some level of integration or reliance on OpenAI's GPT-3 language model for its operations.

Whether a user is looking to generate a fresh image concept or make modifications to existing images, the GPT employs AI-driven mechanics to facilitate these processes.

Users interact with Oraculum via a chat interface - they may be guided by prompts or ask direct questions.


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