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Generate images from text for marketing/design.
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The AI Image Generator is a free tool by Fotor that allows users to convert their text into images in various art styles. Users can input their prompts into the generator, and the tool will produce AI-generated images that resemble 'magic-wand' style art.

With this tool, users can quickly convert any text into a visual representation without any design expertise.The AI Image Generator is part of Fotor's suite of photo editing tools and AI-powered features.

Other tools include cropping images, resizing images, adding borders to photos, and more. In addition to photo editing, Fotor also offers a range of tools for graphic design and marketing, such as logo maker, flyer maker, Instagram post maker, and YouTube thumbnail maker.The AI Image Generator is designed to provide a quick and easy solution for generating images from text, without the need for any design skills.

Since it is a free tool, it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, making it an efficient solution for students, freelancers, and businesses looking to create engaging visuals for their marketing campaigns.


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Pros and Cons


Free to use
Generates 'magic-wand' style art
No design expertise required
Range of photo editing tools
Includes graphic design tools
Useful for marketing
Recommended for students
Recommended for freelancers
Recommended for businesses
Logo making function
Flyer making function
Instagram post maker
YouTube thumbnail maker
Can crop images
Can resize images
Can add borders
Blur background feature
Collage maker
Image upscaler
Photo retouching
Face editing
Image enlarging
Photo effect adding
Batch photo editing
Mobile app available
Windows compatible
Mac compatible
Logo maker
Resume maker
Card maker
YouTube Thumbnail maker
Facebook Cover maker
Background removing
Editable templates
Campaign templates
Wedding templates
Party templates
Volunteer templates


Single art style limitation
No customization options
Limited platform compatibility
Image quality concerns
Requires JavaScript
Lack of advanced features
Inconsistent image generation
Limited image styles
Lack of offline access
No batch processing capability

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