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Generated captions for social media images.
Generated by ChatGPT

CaptionR is an AI-generated caption tool available for download on the App Store. Its main function is to automatically generate captions for photos, videos, or other visual media based on their content.

This tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze the visual elements of an image, such as scenery, people, and objects, and generate captions that accurately describe them.

These captions can be used for social media posts, marketing campaigns, or personal use. Users of CaptionR can expect to save time and effort in creating captions for their visual content, as the tool eliminates the need to come up with descriptions manually.

The generated captions can also improve the visibility and engagement of posts by accurately conveying their content to viewers. The app can be downloaded to different Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Overall, CaptionR is a useful tool for individuals or businesses that frequently create visual content and require captions for them. With its AI-generated captions, users can expect to increase the efficiency of their content creation process while also improving the quality of their captions.


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CaptionR was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Auto-captions visual media
Analyzes various image elements
Increase post visibility
Improve social media engagement
Time-saving caption creation
Applicable for marketing campaigns
Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod
Enhanced post creation efficiency
Improve caption quality
Free to download
Ideal for frequent content creators
Tailors captions to images
Compatible with Apple devices
Supports multiple social platforms
Designed for iPad
Supports iOS 13.0 or later
Supports macOS 11.0 or later
Creates captions for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
Handles data privately
Does not link data to identity
Small app size (18 MB)
Available in English


Only available on Apple devices
Requires iOS 13.0 or later
Not suited for non-English users
Lacks user-friendly interface
18MB size may be large
Limited social media platform compatibility
May incorporate inappropriate themes


What is CaptionR?
Can CaptionR be used on all Apple devices?
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How does CaptionR use AI?
Is CaptionR easy to use for beginners?
What are the benefits of using CaptionR instead of creating captions manually?
Can CaptionR improve social media engagement?
How accurate are the captions generated by CaptionR?
Does CaptionR only work for images or can it generate captions for videos as well?
Where can I download CaptionR?
How does CaptionR analyze visual elements?
Can CaptionR be used for marketing campaigns?
What languages does CaptionR support?
Is CaptionR free to use?
What are the privacy practices of CaptionR?
Who built CaptionR and where can I learn more about them?
Can CaptionR generate business-related captions?
What are users saying about CaptionR?
Are there any age restrictions for using CaptionR?
What happens if CaptionR cannot accurately interpret the visual elements of my content?

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