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Cap Hacker is an AI-powered Video Caption Generator that assists in adding captions to videos swiftly and free of charge. It intends to make captioning videos an effortless process by using AI technology to automatically transcribe the speech present in any uploaded video.

It supports transcription in up to 97 different languages and provides a user-friendly interface with no obligatory watermarks on the output. Cap Hacker presents a higher accuracy level in generating subtitles, as compared to traditional captioning tools, which is particularly beneficial for easing the process of generating subtitling for short-form content.

It also offers a variety of customization options that include font style, color, background of the captions, with the additional capacity for adding an outline or shadow to the text.

It also allows the adjustment of text size and position on the video. Users have the flexibility to download their captions either as standalone files or integrated in the videos.

Cap Hacker also provides the feature to save and resume work, so users can return to their captioning task at any point. Another key feature of Cap Hacker is its support for real-time editing.

The tool is currently offered for free and allows users to generate subtitles unlimitedly.


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Mar 10, 2024
I love your CapHacker
Dec 24, 2023
Its Free and captions styles are amazing

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Pros and Cons


Supports 97 languages
User-friendly interface
No obligatory watermarks
High accuracy subtitle generation
Customizable font style
Customizable font color
Customizable caption backgrounds
Option for text outline
Option for text shadow
Adjustable text size
Adjustable text position
Captions downloadable as files
Captions downloadable in videos
Work saving and resuming
Real-time editing supported
Free tool
Unlimited subtitle generation
Super accurate transcription
Pre-made templates for captions
Progress save feature
API available
Open for user suggestions
Truly unlimited usage


Product not fully ready
97 languages, not 99
Limited premade templates
Potential future limits
No API mentioned
Requires sign up
Must contact for API
Reliance on customer feedback


What is Cap Hacker?
How does Cap Hacker work?
Does Cap Hacker leave any watermarks on the output?
Does Cap Hacker transcribe speech in different languages?
How many languages does Cap Hacker support for transcription?
How accurate is Cap Hacker in generating subtitles?
How can I customize the captions using Cap Hacker?
Can I adjust the text size and position on the video with Cap Hacker?
Can I add an outline or shadow to the text in Cap Hacker?
Can I download my captions as standalone files with Cap Hacker?
Can I save and resume my work on Cap Hacker?
Does Cap Hacker support real-time editing?
What's the cost of using Cap Hacker?
Is Cap Hacker better than traditional subtitle tools?
Does Cap Hacker provide multi-language support?
Why is Cap Hacker free?
Can Cap Hacker be used unlimitedly?
Can I download the captions directly on the video with Cap Hacker?
Why should I choose Cap Hacker over other captioning tools?
Is there an API for Cap Hacker?

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