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Elevate your videos with AI-Powered Captions
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Submagic is an AI-based tool primarily designed for content creators aiming to enhance their short-form videos. The application offers a diverse range of features, creating a comprehensive editing environment.

It provides automatic caption generation in various languages, integrating with emojis to provide creative and engaging captions that set your content apart.

In partnership with Storyblocks, Submagic allows users to inject stock videos into their work with ease. Transitions, auto-zooms, and auto-cuts are features that enrich the visual narrative.

Additionally, users have access to features like adding sound effects and background music simplistically. The system also illustrates an element of strategic content promotion, offering tools to create descriptions.

The platform is noticeably focused on collaborative work environments, permitting team members, clients, and partners to work jointly on projects. Submagic also provides a feature for autofilling images and GIFs into the videos, which is flagged as coming soon.

Some of the common use-cases identified for the platform are agencies, real estate, advertisers, e-commerce, coaches, marketers, and startups. Please note, the tool requires subscription for use, but trial options may be available.


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Submagic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates accurate captions
37 language support
Dynamic emoji generation
Highlights keywords
Has trendy templates
Auto description feature
#Hashtags feature
Enhances viewer engagement
Time saving
Used by top content creators
High user ratings
Effortless caption creation
Captions for TikTok videos
Multi-lingual transcriptions
Emphasizes key points
Boosted reach and engagement


Limited to 37 languages
No mobile version
No multi-user support
Possibly overused templates
No custom template option
Not open-source
Limited to social media videos
No term-base customization
Lacks API for integration
Based in France (Non-GDPR)


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