Video subtitles 2020-10-12
Solution for closed captioning of live conversations.
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Ava is a comprehensive closed captioning solution that provides easy access to communication for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. It is a one-click solution that can accurately caption any meeting, lecture, doctor visit or important conversation using AI and professional captioners, providing 24/7 communication access.

Ava offers free live captions or transcriptions for videoconferencing (including Zoom and Meet) and in-person meetings. Ava Captions can be used to caption online meetings, in-person meetings, daily conversations, online videos, classrooms, and doctor visits.

The captions can be customized to color-code who is speaking, and the accuracy of the captions can be improved with a professional scribe. Ava is also HIPAA-compliant and can be used to save transcripts for later review.

Ava is a powerful tool that provides deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals with the ability to engage in conversations and access information without barriers.

It also enables organizations to create more inclusive environments and provides an easy and effective way to ensure everyone can participate and understand.


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Ava was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 25th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 communication access
Color-coded speaker tracking
Usable for videoconferencing
Live conversation captioning
Transcript saving function
Customizable captions
Applicable for daily conversation
Improves caption accuracy with scribes
Usable for Zoom and Meet
Free live transcripts
Available on Mac and Windows
App and Web versions available
Real-time meeting notes
Accuracy improvement via professional scribes
Can voice typed responses
One-click accessibility for online classes
Integrated with Bluetooth microphone
Suitable for one-on-one or group meetings
Automatically captions videos
Offers professional live-captioning
Distinguishes speakers in group chats
Specifically designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals
One-click activation
Encourages inclusive environments
Supports in-person and remote meetings


Needs internet connection
Paid scribe service
Not specified languages supported
Must share Ava link
Mobile App needed
Color-coding exclusivity
Unclear desktop application support
Bluetooth microphone required
No listed offline capabilities
Unsupported transcription export formats


What platforms are compatible with Ava?
How does the Ava system provide color-coded captions?
Does Ava function with in-person meetings?
What video conferencing platforms can Ava provide captions for?
How can Ava adjust for accuracy using professional scribes?
Can Ava save transcripts for later review?
How can Ava empower deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals?
Is Ava HIPAA-compliant?
How does Ava contribute towards creating more inclusive environments?
What devices is Ava available on?
What situations or environments can Ava be used in?
How does Ava handle multiple speakers during a conversation?
Can Ava be used in classrooms and other educational settings?
Is Ava capable of live corrections?
Can Ava provide captions for online videos?
Can Ava improve the effectiveness of remote working situations?
What is the benefit of Ava's one-click solution?
How is Ava's accuracy measurements calculated?
How does Ava's AI technology work?
Where can I download Ava?


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