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Add subtitles to videos easily.
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The Auto Subtitle Generator Online tool offered by EASYSUB enables users to add subtitles to videos effortlessly. This tool provides a simple and practical solution for generating and editing subtitles in videos and YouTube URLs.

It boasts an accurate transcription effect, cost-effectiveness, convenient operation, and offers free subtitle download and translation services.The tool supports over 150 languages, including dialect versions and minor languages.

It utilizes an advanced AI algorithm for audio recognition, resulting in recognition accuracy that surpasses 90% of competitors in the market. It also allows users to choose from various export resolutions suitable for different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.The operation interface of the tool is straightforward, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Transcription speed is remarkably fast, with an accuracy rate exceeding 95%. Additionally, the tool offers completely free translation of subtitles in more than 150 languages.With the Auto Subtitle Generator Online tool, various individuals and groups can benefit, including video creators aiming to engage more viewers, teachers and students transcribing lectures and presentations, and subtitlers editing videos and subtitles.

The tool aids in making videos accessible to the hearing-impaired and allows non-English speakers to understand video content through bilingual subtitles.In summary, the Auto Subtitle Generator Online tool from EASYSUB provides a practical, accurate, and cost-effective solution for adding subtitles to videos, supporting numerous languages and offering convenient features for transcription, translation, and export.


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Pros and Cons


Supports over 150 languages
Can handle dialects and minor languages
Audio recognition surpasses 90% accuracy
Various export resolutions
User-friendly interface
Fast transcription speed
Accuracy rate over 95%
Free subtitle translation
Works with YouTube URLs
Subtitle editing capability
Free subtitle download
Designed for variety of users
Suitable for hearing-impaired users
Supports bilingual subtitles
Low cost service
Multi-format subtitle download
Supports TXT, ASS, SRT formats
Subtitle download and video export
Supports multiple social media platforms
Offers free transcription for 30 minutes
Multi-language translation free forever
Speedy operation interface
Supports video URLs for upload
Full transcoding and conversion support
Supports MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP3, WAV formats
Subtitle modification via timeline
Entire operation in single editor surface
Easy drag-drop subtitle repositioning
Intelligent video editing and exporting
Offers video watermark addition
Allows video title text addition
Ideal for novice video creators
Provides tips for video creation improvement


Not CI/CD friendly
No bulk uploading
Limited export resolutions
No simultaneous multiple translations
No multi-user collaboration
No audit trail function
No voice recognition tuning
No offline mode
Cannot detect speaker change
No integrations with other platforms


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Does the EASYSUB tool provide any services for subtitle editing?


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