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Easily create pro-quality subtitles for your videos!
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I Captions is an AI-powered tool designed for creating quality subtitles for videos. This technology is aimed at simplifying and speeding up the transcription process, thereby reducing the amount of time required for subtitling.

The tool works by automating the transcription of audio and video files, eliminating the need for manual editing. It also provides a selection of output formats and specification options.

Users have the choice between common formats such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, or creating their own custom specifications. The functionalities do not stop at creating subtitles, as it also caters to the specific needs of different projects.

For instance, it accommodates popular media specifications that include subtitle length, lines, and other configurations. I Captions also supports different languages with its initial offer providing support for Spanish and English.

Accepted media include audio, video, document and subtitle files, with the capacity to handle files up to 2Gb in size. In addition, it offers priority support and a transcription queue, ensuring that users gain faster transcription times when needed.


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Pros and Cons


Simplifies transcription process
Speeds up subtitling
Automates audio and video transcription
Eliminates manual editing need
Multiple output formats
Offers specification options
Allows custom specifications
Meets different project needs
Accommodates media specifications
Subtitle length adjustments
Supports multiple languages
Accepts audio, video, document, subtitle files
Can handle up to 2Gb files
Priority support offered
Offers transcription queue
Faster transcription times
Common formats for Netflix, Amazon, Disney available
Line and other configuration options
Spanish and English language support
Supports subtitle conversion
Media presets available
Offers custom presets
Has top up minutes
Different packages for users


Supports only English, Spanish
Limited file size (2Gb)
Dependant on subscription for priority
Subtitle conversion charges apply
Limited preset specifications
Limited amount of transcription minutes
Minute top-ups may be needed
No information on data security
Limited supported and output formats
No free tier mentioned


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Does I Love Captions provide automatic transcription?


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