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Automatically add captions and subtitles to videos
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SubtitleBee is an artificial intelligence-based tool designed to add captions and subtitles to videos automatically. It allows users to effortlessly subtitle their content in numerous different languages, thereby optimising user accessibility and enhancing the global reach of their media.

Additionally, this tool promotes creative customization of subtitle styles and provides the option to add head titles at various points in the video. By employing advanced algorithmic capabilities, SubtitleBee can accurately detect the employed language of a video, and add matching subtitles.

Beyond adding captions, SubtitleBee also helps translate existing subtitles into multiple languages. The tool also aids in enhancing videos by adding a customizable progress bar.

It supports various video formats and allows for ease in exporting and sharing videos across social media platforms. Other notable features include advanced video cropping for different social media platforms, the ability to add Supertitles for enhanced viewer engagement, automated audio transcription, and a privacy-focused approach that ensures user content rights.

SubtitleBee is touted as being popular amongst influencers and vloggers for enhancing viewer engagement through subtitled videos.


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SubtitleBee was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 15th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple languages
Effortless subtitling
Subtitle customization
Head titles addition
Video language detection
Subtitle translation
Customizable progress bar
Support for various formats
Easy video exporting
Built-in social media sharing
Advanced video cropping
Supertitles addition
Automated audio transcription
User content rights
Recognized by influencers
Fast captioning feature
Custom logo embedding
Social media ready exports
Accessibility friendly
120+ language support
High language detection accuracy
Different subtitle styles
Color selection for progress bar
Viewer engagement enhancement
Subtitle file download
Upload in different formats
Preview before export
Embed subtitles in video
Subtitle translation in minutes
Auto caption feature
Multi-platform video cropping
Support for various subtitle files
Automated audio-to-text conversion
Tool adapted for influencer usage
High speed processing
Option for multiple crops
Customizable Supertitles
Option for multiple Supertitle versions
Animated Supertitles
Supports large file sizes
Automatic audio transcription
Supports lifetime uploads
Promotes global content reach
Easy correction of subtitles
Friendly export interface


No offline version
Only supports specific formats
Can't adjust subtitle timing
Customization limitations
Limited export formats
Watermark on free version
Limited language detection
No multi-language subtitles
Pricing for extra features
Lack of integrated editor


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Why is SubtitleBee popular amongst influencers and vloggers?
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Can I use Supertitles for marketing or promotional content in SubtitleBee?


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