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Create beautiful AI photos and videos of real people
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Photo AI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence tool that allows users to generate photorealistic images of real people, like themselves or models, with different outfits, lighting, and settings.

It is the first AI photographer that can automatically create images in any setting, anywhere in the world.

✏️ Upload your selfies and create your own AI model
📸 Take 100% AI photos in any pose, place or action
🛍️ Upload clothes to put on your AI model for your Shopify stores
🎞️ Create 100% AI videos from any AI photo you take
❤️ Run photo packs like AI Yearbook and Old Money
✍️ Create AI-generated fashion designs with Sketch2Image™

"Photo AI is making money by selling the computing cycles required to run the prompts and spit out a set of images"

"Photo AI can help content creators save time and money as they'll no longer need to travel or hire expensive photographers to do photoshoots"

"Photo AI will be able to generate a virtually limitless number of portraits of that person with different clothing..."

"Photo AI is just fantastic! I take amazing photos of my wife, family and friends. As a photographer I use it to test ideas before creating a real photoshoot. I strongly recommend!"

"Cool AI tool for image generation! I could create a lot of truly amazing pictures in different locations with different outfits! All my friends were surprised and loved my pictures!"

"Good input = good output. Very fun! Took me some effort to get the models to feel accurate but once I got the right input it was amazing. Photo AI was very responsive to my questions."

# Create your own AI model
Create photography with artificial intelligence by creating your own AI model. Upload a set of just 20 to 30 photos in a diverse range of places, settings, and times. By inputting these images into your AI model, you're teaching it to recognize and replicate it.

You only need to train your AI model once which takes about 40 minutes. Then you can take infinite photos with it.

# Try on clothes 2.0
Take any outfit you like (like from Shein or Zara), take a screenshot and paste it into Photo AI and it will dress up your AI model with it. The new version 2 of our try on model is better than ever and now even works with patterns and prints.

Do entire photo shoots from your computer without having to fly around models and entire crews of photographers, light people, directors and producers half way around the world for a shoot. Just prompt the shoot design yourself, select your AI model and upload a piece of clothing!

Perfect for Shopify store owners who want unique photos of models trying out their products.

# Design photorealistic scenes
Design any scene you wish, from commonplace to rare, stunning instances. Imagine the ability to create a photograph of a sunlit Parisian cafe in the 1920s, or a moonlit beach in Bali with just the right clothes, all from the comfort of your living room.

Simply describe your desired scene and watch as the model generates a highly realistic photo that aligns with your vision. Taking photos is fast: right now it takes about 2 minutes per photo.

# Create video clips with AI
Take any AI photo you generated, and turn it into a video by tapping [ Make video ]. A few minutes later you have a short video clip of the photo giving you an immersive virtual reality like experience.

Next features we'll add is boomerang videos, background audio and music, longer 10-30 second clips and voice scripts where the AI model lip syncs.

# Sketch2Image™
With Photo AI's Sketch2Image™ you can now create photorealistic renders from your raw fashion design sketches. Imagine doing a quick draft of an idea you have. Upload it to Photo AI and 40 seconds later you have a realistic AI photo of how it'd look in real life. A photorealistic render you can use to show potential vendors, customers, and suppliers.

# More
Using Photo AI, users can create a photo shoot with a variety of shots, aesthetics, and outfits. They can also copycat a photo they have uploaded by selecting the desired photo strength, number of photos to take, and orientation. Additionally, users can train their own model by uploading 25-250 photos of their subject, as varied as possible.The AI technology of Photo AI will then generate photorealistic images, with a variety of settings, such as beach, ocean, street, mall, gym, night club, house party, bar, coffee place, library, university, dog cafe, cat cafe, modern architecture home, living room, garden, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, study room, attic, meeting room, coworking space, restaurant, hotel lobby, airport, museum, restaurant, lunch place, forest, desert, ski resort, golf course, lake, snow, pool, taxi, jungle, waterfall, red carpet, gala event, private jet, halloween party, christmas, thanksgiving, wedding, birthday party, and many more.The lighting of the images can also be adjusted with sun light, camera flash, golden hour, indoor lights, street lights, colorful smoke, neon lights, party lights, night club lights, string lights, natural light, black light, studio light, spot light, scatter light, diffuse light, and TL light.Users can also choose the desired emotion, age, and action to be portrayed in the image. The AI tool will then generate photorealistic images that can be viewed, remixed, and downloaded.

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Apr 21, 2024
it's not free!
Mar 6, 2024
People addicted to social media and they made social media as a daily dose
Feb 28, 2024
yeah, no free sample :(
Jan 25, 2024
I will try it first
Dec 30, 2023
हम तेरी जन्नत के मोहताज नही, हम “श्री बांके बिहारी” के चरणों में रहते है, वहां तेरी भी कोई औकात नहीं…!!!
Oct 31, 2023
It's not free, it forces you to input an email before shoving a price tag in your face.
Jan 22, 2024
appreciate the heads up
Oct 31, 2023
Not free, forces you to input an email before shoving a price tag in your face.
Mar 30, 2024
so true instead they shoved it up my nose
Oct 16, 2023
it's not free
Oct 8, 2023
It's not free. only paid
Jul 20, 2023
حضرت عباس
Jul 16, 2023
no pricing??? i even have no chance to try
May 19, 2023
I want add my photo into another one

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