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AI based image generation.
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Photology is a mobile application that utilizes various artificial intelligence (AI) models to create unique images. Users can select from a range of AI models, each possessing unique styles and techniques, to generate their own original works of art.

The app provides a favorites feature that lets users add the images they like the most and access them easily. Photology encourages creativity by allowing users to copy prompts to produce new images, offering a method to create works that reflect their personal style.

Users can experiment with interesting combinations as they navigate through the different AI models provided. Another feature of Photology is the ability to share creative works directly to social media platforms.

The app is designed to create a seamless user experience, contributing to the users' productivity and creativity on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

The developer, Mustafa Canak, takes care to ensure the handling of user data aligns with privacy practices. The app is free and also provides in-app purchase offerings.


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Pros and Cons


Unique styles and techniques
Artwork personalization
Favorites feature
Easy access to saved images
Copy prompts function
Creativity encouragement
Social media sharing
Seamless user experience
Enhances productivity and creativity
Compatible with iOS devices
User privacy focused
Free with in-app purchases
Mobile and portable art creation
Unique image generation
Experimental combinations of styles
Direct sharing to social media
Access to artwork across devices
Inclusion of modern and innovative designs
Allows offline work
High resolution image creation
Bug fixes and improvements
Good customer ratings
Varied image generation techniques
Multiple language support
Developer responsive to feedback


iOS only
In-app purchase offerings
No android compatibility
Limited to mobile devices
Data tracking
Relies on credits
Limited language support
Requires latest iOS versions


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What privacy practices does Mustafa Canak follow for Photology?
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