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An AI layer enhancing your desktop applications.
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OverScene is an AI-powered overlay that augments desktop applications. This tool is designed to enhance any app on your computer, aiming to streamline processes in art, design, coding, and image creation.

Its functionality extends to various applications including drawing apps, 3D apps and web apps, making it versatile and efficient. Many creative tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, ZBrush can be maximized by OverScene without the need for any plugins.

It possesses intriguing features like the conversion of screenshots to code and transformation of sketches into masterpieces. With OverScene, 3D models are amplified with stunning detail and realism.

It provides a 'floating frame' feature which can be dragged over any content for transformation with a click, enabling instant turn of wireframe to code or fast generation of realistic 3D renders.

It leverages leading AI platforms such as OpenAI and The tool is designed with a focus on ease of use, featuring one-click installation, no learning curve or vendor lock-in, and is lightweight in terms of resource utilization.

Despite its deep set of features, the application maintains simplicity and efficiency, freeing creativity from the constraints of operating systems or plugins.


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Mar 26, 2024
A surprising little desktop app that adds AI to everything, even the simple old apps like Paint. I loved it!
Mar 25, 2024
this very helpful and awesome so easy to use and user friendly

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