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Open-source text-to-image collaboration platform.
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StableStudio, an open-source text-to-image consumer application developed by Stability AI, is a user-friendly platform that facilitates community-driven development and local-first initiatives for generative AI.

StableStudio serves as the primary interface for Stability AI's new models and features and has been upgraded to use their latest image generation model, SDXL.

The platform aims to bring generative AI capabilities to the masses and promote open-source development within the AI ecosystem. While DreamStudio will remain Stability's hosted StableStudio implementation, the company intends to create a project to foster collaboration with the broader community to create a world-class user interface for generative AI.

StableStudio has been designed to be extensible for external developers, and the company will offer bounties for improvements and the addition of new features to the platform.

The framework also promotes local inference through WebGPU and stable-diffusion-webui, a desktop installation, control net tools, and an open-door policy for suggestions and improvements.

The release of StableStudio provides Stability AI's commitment to open-source and transparency with the assurance of community-driven innovations in the future.

Overall, StableStudio is an attractive platform for developers looking to explore generative AI and its potential advancements.


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