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Feng My Shui is an AI tool that allows users to generate impressive image compositions using AI models such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. The tool is accessible through their mobile app and website.

Users do not require a Midjourney account or Discord app, as they can simply create a basic account on Feng My Shui's platform and access the dashboard to generate images quickly and easily.The tool goes beyond the basic functionalities of Midjourney and Discord by combining the generated images with other AI models, resulting in visually stunning compositions.

However, the specific details of the additional AI models used are kept undisclosed.Feng My Shui has a credit system in place, where each click on the Generate, Re-roll, or Variation buttons deducts one credit from the user's balance.

Unused credits roll over to the next month, and users have the option to cancel at any time, although credits will be reset upon cancellation. They offer a free trial period and various pricing plans, starting from $9.90 per month, with higher-tier plans offering increased image generation limits and private image options.It should be noted that the tool strictly prohibits adult or explicit content generation, as well as any illegal activities.

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in account suspension.Feng My Shui is planning to offer an API and enterprise-level plans in the future, and interested parties can contact the company to express their interest and be included in their waiting list.


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