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Chat assistants, image generation, creative expression.
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Meta AI is a new tool developed by Meta that offers a variety of new AI experiences. With Meta AI, users can engage in 1-on-1 or group chats with AI assistants that can provide recommendations, answer questions, settle debates, and offer unique perspectives on topics like travel, games, and food.

In addition, users can generate images by simply describing their ideas, and Meta AI will bring them to life. The tool also allows users to chat with a choice of 28 AI characters, each with their own personality and backstory, some of which are played by recognizable public figures.

Meta AI also includes creative tools that enable users to express themselves in new ways. Users can generate customized stickers by typing in a text prompt, providing more options to convey their feelings and express themselves.

Additionally, users can apply new visual styles to their photos by describing the desired effect, and Meta AI will restyle the image accordingly. Meta emphasizes responsible AI development, ensuring the safety and responsibility of its AI systems.

They incorporate safeguards into their AI features and models and leverage safety and responsibility training, tailored to each specific feature. Users can learn more about Meta's responsible AI approach and their generative AI features on their website.For more information on Meta's new AI experiences and tools, users can visit their newsroom and AI blog to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in AI.


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