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Story Mage is an AI-powered tool designed to assist podcasters, agencies, VCs, and coaches in transforming audio recordings, conversations, and interviews into written content for LinkedIn and blog posts.

With the aim of generating more inbound leads and increasing visibility, Story Mage utilizes proprietary AI technology to convert each conversation into a week's worth of LinkedIn posts and one long-form article.

To maintain high quality, the platform employs a Stanford writer to ensure the excellence of the content produced. The tool is utilized by various professionals, including top podcasters, VCs, agencies, and coaches.The process involves three key steps: the creation of real stories based on the user's recordings, the scalability of content generation using AI, and the addition of final touches by the Stanford writer to provide consistent daily content for posting.

The result is claimed to be an increase of 2-3 times in inbound leads. Pricing information is available, and the tool offers a refund guarantee within the first month if the customer is unsatisfied.Story Mage was developed by Maddie Wang, the founder of Founders Cafe, who initially built the tool to solve their own content creation challenges.

The platform has since expanded to include collaborations with Pear VC, Contrary Capital, and various founder coaches. The tool aims to help professionals with a backlog of conversations turn them into compelling and informative written content for improved engagement and lead generation.


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