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ByAldo Cordero Diaz
Crafting essays tailored to your theme, structure, and word count.
GPT welcome message: Hello! What's the theme of your essay or text? Preferred structure and word count?
Sample prompts:
Make an essay about the existence of god
Make the introduction for my thesis
Help me improve my writing in this email
Make this text more formal
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Make An Essay is a GPT which focuses on generating finely crafted essays and texts based on the user-provided theme, structure, and word count. Being built on the framework of OpenAI's ChatGPT, this tool aims to guide professionals, students, and any form of users requiring assistance in generating cohesive and structured write-ups.

The initial interaction with this tool commences with the setting query of your essay or text's theme, the preferred structure, and the word count. The GPT provides users with a diverse array of options to create content on various topics including, but not limited to, the existence of god and thesis introductions.

Users can also request assistance in brushing up their existing writing or making their content more formal. This suggests the tools versatile nature in dealing with multiple types of requests.

Make An Essay tool can prove to be instrumental for those seeking assistance in creating insightful, coherent, and well-structured essays within their preferred word limit.


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