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The AI Essay Writer tool offered by is designed to provide assistance to users who are seeking additional ideas for their essays and articles.

The tool generates AI-generated essays, aiming to help users overcome writer's block and improve their level of academic writing. It automatically formats the paper and cites scientific resources.

The tool allows users to receive up to four pages of the generated essay at once, with plans to remove limitations in the future. The essay can be downloaded in DOCX format or opened in Google Docs, although PDF format is currently unavailable.

The tool also offers restrictions regarding paper formatting, providing APA or MLA formatting styles only. Users have the opportunity to influence the style and tone of their paper by leaving comments in the description block of the tool.

The AI Essay Writer is designed to be accessible to non-native English speakers, providing well-written English that is easy to understand. The tool aims to provide inspiration and ideas without the risk of plagiarism, using public, official scientific sources to create unique content.

Users can use the tool to analyze high-quality writing styles and learn language tricks to improve their own writing skills. However, the AI Essay Writer does not exhibit creativity in the same way as humans do.


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Dec 6, 2023
Great tool for writing essays that helps to overcome writer's block and improves academic style
Dec 6, 2023
Great tool for writing essays that helps to overcome writer's block and improves academic style.

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