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Sample prompts:
How do I start an essay on Renaissance art?
Can you help me structure my art history essay?
What are good sources for Baroque art research?
I need assistance with citing sources in APA.
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EssayGPT is a specialized adaptation of ChatGPT designed specifically to aid in the process of academic essay writing with a key focus on the field of art history.

It understands the particular requirements of scholarly work in this discipline and can help users with various aspects of the essay writing process. Upon interaction, this GPT initiates the conversation with a welcoming message and provides a structure for starting essay-related queries.

Among others, it can assist in formulating an opening for an essay on Renaissance art, organizing an art history essay, suggesting suitable sources for Baroque art research, and offering help with citation in APA format.

By catering to these specific needs, EssayGPT aims to make the research and writing processes more efficient for students, academics, or anyone interested in art history.

Note that usage of EssayGPT requires integrating it with ChatGPT Plus.


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