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School Hack is an AI-powered educational app designed to help students of all ages and levels of education improve their essay writing and research skills.

The app is built using create-react-app and is powered by OpenAI's GPT-3, one of the most advanced natural language processing APIs. The app's key features include a chatbot powered by GPT-3 that allows students to ask general queries and receive quick responses, a paraphrase API that helps students rephrase their writing to avoid plagiarism, and a plagiarism detection tool that allows them to check their work for copied content.School Hack's essay writing feature is a chat GPT-3 powered API that can generate an essay on any topic in just three steps, which students can use as reference material.

The app can also email essays in various file formats, making it easy for students to edit and share their work. Students can use the app's paraphrase feature to rephrase their writing and make it more original.

The app's chatbot feature allows students to ask any general query they would like to ask and receive results within seconds.School Hack covers every curriculum on earth from secondary school level up to university, including college express.

It's a powerful and innovative app that helps students save time on their assignments and produce original work without the risk of plagiarism. Additionally, the app has several other innovative features like Ask Anything, AI DocuChat, Smart Media, and AI note recorder.

Overall, School Hack is an all-in-one educational app that helps students improve their writing skills, saves time, and provides a convenient tool for academic research.


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