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BySamin Amanat
Writing and uploading essays to Google Docs on prompts
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to write an essay?
Sample prompts:
Write an essay about the impact of technology on society.
Create a persuasive essay on renewable energy.
Draft an analytical essay on Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'.
Compose a reflective essay about personal growth.
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Super Docs is a GPT that provides a unique and automated solution to drafting and uploading essays to Google Docs based on various prompts. This tool is designed to produce coherent and comprehensive essays on a wide range of prompts provided by users.

Following prompts, Super Docs generates essays on various topics such as technology's impact on society, renewable energy, literary analysis of works like Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', and reflective essays about personal growth among others.

After the essay creation, the GPT automatically uploads this content to Google Docs, providing a seamless writing and publication experience. Developed by Samin Amanat, Super Docs aims to streamline the process of essay creation and publication, and is particularly useful for those who regularly need to create essays, such as educators, content creators or students.

This versatile tool requires ChatGPT Plus for operation. Super Docs begins each session with the welcome message: 'Hello! Ready to write an essay?'.


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