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ByTimon Gregg
Specific and concise Oxford essay guide
GPT welcome message: Hello! Opt for specific help: 1) Plan, 2) Review, 3) Summary.
Sample prompts:
1) 'Plan' for essay outlines.
2) 'Review' for academic literature reviews.
3) 'Summary' of topic
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Oxford PoliEssay Assistant is a GPT designed to provide assistance with essay writing, specifically geared towards the Oxford style. The tool offers specific help with planning, reviewing, and summarizing in essay writing.

Users interact with it by choosing from provided prompts, which are meant to direct the tool towards the type of assistance required. For instance, users can type 'Plan' for assistance in structuring essay outlines.

If the need is for literature reviews and academic checking, users can type 'Review'. Lastly, 'Summary' can be used to get help with summarizing a topic.

It is important to note that the Oxford PoliEssay Assistant requires ChatGPT Plus to function. Though its focus is set on Oxford-style essay writing, its functions cover a wide range of writing needs that may be useful for both students and researchers.

This makes it not only a valuable tool for those familiar with the Oxford essay style, but also a versatile learning and writing aid for individuals gearing towards improved written communication skills.


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