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AI essay app that helps to write essays and stay organized
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FastEssay's AI Essay Writer App is a tool designed to assist with essay writing by utilizing artificial intelligence to streamline the process. It aims to make ordering and monitoring of papers more straightforward and efficient.

The app is geared towards aiding in essay preparation and organization, not only by writing essays but also offering assistance in overcoming creative hurdles.

It elevates your essay writing by seamlessly referencing scientific materials and organizing your document effectively. The app goes a step further to provide a variety of writing services such as research paper writing, case study writing, critical thinking writing, and more, addressing a wide variety of academic and professional scenarios.

It allows for the improvement of essays by professional writers further ensuring the quality of the output. FastEssay's AI essay writer app aims to cater to a comprehensive range of disciplines, from business and management to nursing, sociology, and more.

Designed with confidentiality in mind, this user-friendly app is committed to safe and secure service. The tool is applicable to students, professionals, and anyone in need of detailed, structured, and well-researched essays.

Note: The efficiency and speed of the app may vary, but the purpose is to provide consistent, high-quality essay assistance.


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Fastessay was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines essay writing
Efficient ordering and monitoring
Assistance with creative hurdles
Seamlessly references scientific materials
Effective document organization
Wide range of writing services
Professional writers improve essays
Addresses academic and professional scenarios
Caters to various disciplines
Ensures confidentiality
User-friendly interface
Beneficial for students and professionals
Delivers high-quality essay assistance
Offers research paper writing
Includes case study writing
Provides critical thinking writing
Supports efficient document management
Allows for paper improvement
Incorporates various learning fields
Operates with safe service
Designed with a confidentiality focus
Caters to a detailed essay requirement
Useful for a wide audience
Offers an organized writing approach
Helps overcome creative blockages
Streamlines academic material referencing
Ensures structured and well-researched essays
An array of writing services


Varying efficiency and speed
Limited to essay writing
Lacks real-time collaboration
No multilingual support mentioned
Over-reliance on professional writers
No offline functionality
No mention of accessibility
Unclear user data protections

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