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Automated LinkedIn content creation.
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Taplio is an AI-driven LinkedIn automation tool designed to help businesses and individuals grow their presence on the platform. It offers a suite of features to help you build and maintain relationships, create content, schedule posts, monitor analytics and engage with potential customers.The tool offers content inspiration, post scheduling, lead generation, analytics, and a Chrome extension to make it easier to stay on top of your activity.

AI-driven content inspiration layers make it easy to generate post ideas and the AI-generated posts feature allows you to quickly create content. You can also access a 3M+ viral post library and get the latest industry news to stay up-to-date.The post scheduling feature makes it easy to post content at the right time, while automations help you get the most out of your content.

High-fidelity previews let you see how your posts will look when published and the queue and draft management system allows you to easily re-order your content.The tool also helps you to turn likes, comments and shares into relationships.

You can easily import contacts from posts, Sales Navigator and interactions with your content, and engage with specific people.The LinkedIn Analytics feature provides an easy-to-understand view of your and your team’s KPIs to help you make decisions.

The Chrome Extension provides a quick glance at your performance and best performing posts while remaining on is free to use and offers a range of resources and a blog to help you get the most out of the tool.


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Mar 22, 2024
Fantastic tool for anyone who is looking to promote their personal brand and gain followers on Linkedin with no experience. The tool has a lot of potential to grow and as someone who has recently purchased the tool I'm hoping for more topics in settings.
Sep 15, 2023
Taplio is a fantastic Linkedin productivity tool. However, it isn't free, only free to try and the paid solutions are a bit steep in my mind, taking into consideration the needs of solopreneurs needing to up our game. So, while it is a great tool, I will consult other sources first to save on Capex outpours.

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Taplio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 11th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Automated LinkedIn content creation
Post scheduling feature
Content inspiration layers
3M+ viral post library
Lead generation integration
Chrome extension available
High-fidelity content previews
Queue and draft management
Import contacts from interactions
Engage with specific people
Easy-to-understand LinkedIn analytics
Shows top performing posts
All-in-one LinkedIn tool
Filters for niche topics
1-click 'Add to queue'
Post automations for results
Import leads from Sales Navigator
Individual and team analytics
Updates with latest industry news
Features for personal brand growth
Automatically detects top posts
Best-in-class post composer
Easy yet robust queue system
Turns engagements into relationships
DM campaigns for engagement
Compatible with via extension
Displays main KPIs
Shows detailed post statistics
Shows others' top posts
Resources and blog for learning
Free to use
Access to in-depth articles
LinkedIn strategy improvement resources
LinkedIn post collections for inspiration
Analysis of other's LinkedIn profiles
Generates LinkedIn carousels
Detects LinkedIn trending topics
Suggestions on what and when to post
Tool to find LinkedIn influencers


Limited to LinkedIn only
Exclusively browser extension based
No mobile app version
No multilingual support
Limited content generation niches
No direct integration with Sales Navigator
Over-reliance on deterministic posting
No explicit mention of data security
No team management feature
No A/B Testing feature


What is Taplio?
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What is the cost to use Taplio?
What resources and support does Taplio offer for new users?
How can Taplio help boost my LinkedIn presence?
How is Taplio helpful for businesses?
Can Taplio help me generate new leads on LinkedIn?
What type of analytics does Taplio provide?
How can I use Taplio to engage with my LinkedIn comments and shares?
Does Taplio offer features for team use?
Can I import contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Taplio?
How can Taplio help me create content?
What is the '3M+ viral post library' that Taplio offers?
How can I re-order my content queue in Taplio?
Can Taplio provide inspiration for my LinkedIn posts?
How can I use the Taplio tool to monitor my performance on LinkedIn?
Does Taplio provide a preview of how my post will look when published?
What type of content can I create with Taplio?

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