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Feedbird is an AI-powered tool that helps users create more LinkedIn content effortlessly. With Feedbird, users can schedule their posts, generate text for their next LinkedIn post, analyze their text, find the best time to post, and track the best performing content.

The tool provides a bird's eye view of the user's posting pattern through their analytical dashboard, which analyzes the audience's behavior to determine the most effective posting times.

Additionally, users can use the AI-powered content generation tool to create unique and engaging content tailored to their audience. They can also use Feedbird's scheduling feature to keep their LinkedIn profile active and consistent without worrying about limited schedule time.

With multiple account support, users can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts from one convenient dashboard. The sentiment analysis feature helps users determine the tone of their content and ensure that it aligns with their brand voice.

Feedbird is available in both a free and premium version. The free version comes with limited post schedules, limited content generation, and a content calendar.

The premium version includes unlimited post schedules, unlimited content generation, content calendar, and content analytics. In summary, Feedbird is a powerful tool that leverages AI to enhance and streamline LinkedIn content creation, thereby helping users grow their LinkedIn audience effortlessly.

FeedBird was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Effortless LinkedIn content creation
Scheduling feature
Analytical dashboard
Best time to post tracking
Best performing content tracking
Multiple account support
Sentiment analysis feature
Free and premium versions
Unlimited post schedules (Premium)
Unlimited content generation (Premium)
Content calendar
Content analytics
Text analyses for user's posts
Personalized hooks and calls-to-action
Advanced audience behavior analysis
Helps overcome writer's block
Curates engaging content
Helps maintain active LinkedIn profile
Option to schedule posts in advance
Tailored content to audience
Available in both Free and Premium versions
User-friendly dashboard
Creates posts in different tones
Calendar view for scheduled posts


Free version is limited
No multi-platform integration
Premium version is costly
Analytics feature limited to premium
No feature for custom reminders
No feature to edit posts after scheduling
No bulk scheduling
Doesn't support real-time monitoring
No proofreading tool
Doesn't support image generation


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What analytics does FeedBird provide about my LinkedIn posts?
Does FeedBird's AI-powered tool create unique content for my audience?
Can I schedule LinkedIn posts using FeedBird?
Is FeedBird capable of managing multiple LinkedIn accounts?
What is the sentiment analysis feature on FeedBird?
What is the difference between the free and premium versions of FeedBird?
What is the capacity of post schedules and content generation in the free version of FeedBird?
What extra features do I get in the premium version of FeedBird?
What is the calendar view feature on FeedBird?
What does the FeedBird dashboard include?
How does FeedBird ensure my content aligns with my brand voice?
Can FeedBird analyze audience behavior on my LinkedIn posts?
Can FeedBird help me when I’m stuck with bad content ideas?
What type of posts can be generated by FeedBird's text generation feature?
Can FeedBird help me with writer's block?
What role does FeedBird's scheduling feature play in maintaining an active LinkedIn profile?
How does FeedBird's analytical dashboard help in better understanding my audience's behavior?

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