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Crafting professional posts made easy.
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Create a LinkedIn post about recent tech trends.
Generate a post from this article URL.
Craft a LinkedIn post on leadership.
Illustrate a concept for my LinkedIn post.
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Professional Post Pro is a GPT developed by Oleksandr Fisun with primary functionality focused on creating professionally crafted posts suitable for LinkedIn.

This tool takes a unique approach in constructing posts, leveraging the wider capabilities of ChatGPT for its operations. An outstanding feature of this tool is the 'Prompt starters' which provide users with a platform to generate content on a wide array of topics, like recent technology trends or leadership, according to their needs.

Users can simply input their desired topic, and the Professional Post Pro will use it as a springboard to create a well-articulated, comprehensive, and relevant post.

Furthermore, this GPT also holds a feature that supports the generation of posts directly from article URLs meaning users can select articles they find insightful and Professional Post Pro will generate a LinkedIn post based around the content of the selected article.

This outstanding feature underlines the tool's wider usability, not just for professionals looking to create content but also for those who want to share insights from other sources in a more personalized manner on LinkedIn.

Please note, the usage of this Professional Post Pro tool requires ChatGPT Plus.

Professional Post Pro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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