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Build & grow your personal brand on LinkedIn.
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Supergrow is a comprehensive LinkedIn content creation tool geared towards assisting professionals in building and scaling their personal brands. The tool offers an array of features such as generation of content ideas, creation of high-quality LinkedIn posts, a carousel feature for creating and posting attractive carousels, post formatting for readability, and an easy-to-use scheduling feature.

Apart from the creation of posts, personalized posts can be generated with the help of templates. For convenience, the tool also allows automated post generation based on user-provided information like topic and role.

Among other features, Supergrow also offers post previews and emojis, the addition of videos, photos, and gifs as well as formatting and scheduling services.

The carousel maker provides ready-to-use templates, customization options, and the ability to turn content into carousels, with options to save, download, share, or schedule them.

Supergrow's scheduling feature takes the task out of logging onto LinkedIn daily; with just one click, posts, including text, images, and carousels, can be scheduled.

Furthermore, the tool's content inspiration feature and its option to save ideas as drafts make brainstorming and content creation simpler and more organized.

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Pros and Cons


Generates content ideas
Creates high-quality LinkedIn posts
Automates post generation
Includes carousel feature
Offers post formatting
Easy-to-use scheduling feature
Generates personalized posts with templates
Provides post previews
Allows addition of emojis
Permits addition of videos, photos, gifs
Has pre-defined post-generation templates
Automates LinkedIn posts based on provided details
One-click scheduling of posts
Saves content ideas as drafts
Schedule text, images, and carousels
Content inspiration feature
Branding kit for carousels
Managed client workspace and team feature
LinkedIn post idea generator
LinkedIn carousel maker
Ready-to-use carousel templates
Ability to turn content into carousels
Carousel customization options
Carousel save, share and scheduling options
Personalized LinkedIn post creation
Visualization of post-looking formats
Automated post-generation based on shared details
Allows calendar view
Auto-adds first comment
Provides post score
Support for multiple LinkedIn accounts
Bold and Italic text format support
Management of clients with workspace & team
Offers 'See more' preview
Custom post formats
Text to carousel conversion
LinkedIn post scheduling
Post-preview and styling tool


Only for LinkedIn
No multi-platform support
Limited template customization
Automated posts potentially impersonal
No Analytic features
No CRM integration
No collaborative features
Limited customer service options


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How does the automated post generation in Supergrow work?
What kind of information do I need to provide for automated post generation on Supergrow?
Can I preview posts in Supergrow?
Can I add multimedia, like videos, photos and gifs, in my posts via Supergrow?
What is the carousel maker feature in Supergrow?
What kind of templates are offered in Supergrow?
Can I save, download, share or schedule carousels created on Supergrow?
Does Supergrow offer a post inspiration feature?
Is it possible to save ideas as drafts in Supergrow?
Can I add emojis to my posts in Supergrow?
What is Supergrow's 'post score' feature?
Does Supergrow support adding the 'see more' preview in posts?
Can I connect multiple LinkedIn accounts in Supergrow?

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